Info / CV        Selected Works—

                      01. SS—20 Mini Mag
                      02. The Movement
                      03. The Garden Walk
                      04. Jan Resort 2020
                      05. 3 in 3
                      06. A Rose is a Rose
                      07. Icon Videos



Welcome to the world of Drexy Spice* and all things nice.—A free space for personal projects.

01. Mask up! Don’t act up, America.

A personal message created to spread awareness, reminders, and safety tips in response to current times.


Illustration / Design by Drexy Spice*
Custom 90’s inspired sticker set / social posts.

02. Design for change—
A collaboration with In This Together HTX

Through joining Bay Area based “ Collective Power Design” I discovered Ana and her call for creatives to help her evolve
her instagram account and resource platform In This Together HTX. A hub for sharing information, resources, and support for the current
black power movement and other resistance initiatives in my hometown of Houston, Texas. Together with the help of another
Houston native, Vic Peña, we offered our skills to create instagram newsletter templates as well as a
refresh of her current identity. This has been an especially uplifting way to use my free time designing for change
and helping shape our future through the power of design.


Art Direction & Design by Drexy Spice* & Vic Peña
Brand refresh / social media templates.

03. Gray Area—An ongoing isolation photo diary.

A collection of personal images documenting everyday life during quarantine. Current times have felt so surreal.
Some days it feels a bit hazy waking up and remembering where we are. We are stuck in the in-between
of our past and our future. When life is on pause, this is the Gray Area.

March 13th—April 27th 2020
Oaxaca, MX / SF, CA

Shot on a Ricoh GR II


Art Direction & Creative Direction—Drexy Spice
Photography—Drexy Spice / Antonio Mondragon