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                      00. Follow Your Gut
                      01. SS—20 Mini Mag
                      02. The Movement
                      03. The Garden Walk
                      04. Jan Resort 2020
                      05. 3 in 3
                      06. A Rose is a Rose
                      07. Icon Videos



A one day in-studio editorial—

Campaign concept, art direction, and design for Rothy’s Summer 2019 collection—Introducing a breathable new mesh design for warmer months.

Inspired by a fresh summer breeze and the sun on your toes. Celebrating comfort, style, and sustainability.
Art Direction & Design—Drexy Spice*
Creative Direction—Drexy Spice*
Photography—Maria Del Rio
Props—Bryson Gill
Wardrobe—Suchandra Bullock
Production—Anne Slater
Model—Annie B.

The Movement—Rothy’s Summer ʼ19 collection.

A one day in studio editorial photoshoot—Inspired by a fresh summer breeze and the sun on your toes. 

Campaign Placements—Homepage updates / Editorial landing page / Social media


Rothy’s 2019