Oura Ring’s curated in-app content is designed to be thoughtful and approachable. Whether taking their first steps or making giant leaps on their health journey, our goal was to meet our users where they are and “empower every person to own and unlock their inner potential.”

Creating edu-taining content that connects with users on a human level.


Oura Ring


Concept + Creative Direction 


Creative Direction:
Abdul Wahid Ovaice + Sarah Drexler

Art Direction:
Sarah Drexler

Victoria Morse + Scholar team

Created in collaboration with animation studio Scholar
and the Oura Ring creative team.

01.  Welcome to Oura (Intro Video)

With this animated educational content series we aimed to create a connection with new users through video montages that represent experiences that could be relatable in their own lives.

02. Character Line-up

Using a diverse cast of animated characters we helped our users visualize how Oura supports them throughout their day to day—Establishing ourselves as their personal guide and empowering them on their daily journey to better health, all while showcasing the details of Oura’s in-app experience and UI.

03. Additional Chapters

In the four chapters (covering Sleep, Activity, Readiness, and Why Sleep Matters) that follow the main intro video, we dive deeper into the data and explain how different contributing factors of users daily routine affect and make up Oura’s three main scores. These short videos also explain how various environmental and behavioral changes in a person’s routine can influence each score.

No. 1—Sleep

No. 2—Activity

No. 3—Readiness

No. 4—Why Sleep Matters

04. Process + Creative Direction

05. Storyboards


Oura Ring 2021