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                      00. Follow Your Gut
                      01. SS—20 Mini Mag
                      02. The Movement
                      03. The Garden Walk
                      04. Jan Resort 2020
                      05. 3 in 3
                      06. A Rose is a Rose
                      07. Icon Videos



“Follow Your Gut!”

A brand refresh and photo/video campaign celebrating happy and healthy bellies.

Campaign concept + art direction. Created in collaboration with creative agency SISTER Global.

Introduction/Strategy—Health-Ade is a pioneering kombucha brand on a mission to champion gut health for all. Guided by the spirited motto “Follow Your Gut!”, they seeked to inspire individual health and happiness from the inside out. To amplify their presence in the world of wellness & functional beverages, our Spring 2021 launch unveiled a fresh identity and bold campaign that reintroduced this bubbly brand to the world by connecting with new, diverse communities.

Campaign Concept—

What does it mean to follow your gut? Trust your gut. Go with your gut. Punch in the gut. Gut instinct. When stakes are high, pressure is on, it’s now or never, we get that feeling. You know the one — instinctual, immediate, knowing. It guides us toward the decision that deep down we know is right. It’s a gut feeling. But what’s the gut got to do with it? Everything, really. Known as your second brain, the gut does way more than digest: it boosts mood, drives energy, and strengthens immunity, too. We’re only starting to understand this wonderful world inside us, but one thing is clear — nurture a healthy gut and a happy human will follow. Turns out, we’d all be better off listening to what our gut has to say. Let’s make sure it’s heard loud and clear — Follow Your Gut!

Creative Approach—Perspective: Gut Gaze

Our perspective is gut-first, and our gaze is gut-level. In our photography and anthem film, we created a distinct gut-first point of view. By employing various playful and perspective-altering camera techniques that bring the belly front and center, we depict a world where the gut takes the lead.

Creative Approach—Lighting/Setting: Booch O’ Clcok

Time is a character. Our campaign is centered around Booch O’Clock. Vibrant, feel-good light cues this distinct time of day, when kombucha can be best enjoyed — that 3pm pick me up. Natural crisp and direct afternoon sunlight creates graphic long shadows and boosts the sharpness of texture and vibrancy of color.

Creating a 3-D inner gut world—In collaboration with Wang & Söderström 

Picking up the trail of our Product Films, our Educate-Level videos zero in on each human’s inner world — a sip of kombucha brings us from the outside in to reveal what’s going on inside the gut. Playful animation unpacks 3 key aspects of gut health — mood, skin, and immunity — and how it affects the human inside and out.

Full Credits—
Dream Team! :)

Director: @lanashah
DP: @bennncareyyy
Steadi: @cmacdonnell
1st ad @kennetharnoldtaylor
1st ac @dan.muchnik
2nd ac @chastinnoblett
Gaffer: @just_lighting
Key grip: @lukeatmenow
EP: @sweetbabyjudkins @fox.and.leopard @alexsanchez_64

Lifestyle Photographers: @dritch & @kalebmarshall
Still Life Product Series Shot by @sergiybarchuk
with prop styling by @angelawitmore

Set @machenmachen
Stylist @mindy_le_brock
Hair @_uncle__lee_
MU @danadelaney
Casting: @tallulahbernardcasting

Edit: @joisediting
Post: @okaystudio
Grade: @wvrdell
Sound Design: @_c_b_n_k_s_
3D Animation: @wangsoderstrom

Agency: @sister_global
Producers: @imababich @amen_ta_that
Writer: @trialanderrorr
AD: @drexy___spice (Moi)
Acct Dir: @minhtu
Client AD: @cilla_the_killa_

#guthealth #followyourgut #boochoclock #healthade

Agency—SISTER Global
Client—Health-Ade Kombucha

Project—Rebrand // Photo & Video campaign “Follow your Gut”
Project Role—Sr. Art Director

01. Follow Your Gut!—Anthem Film

A campaign hero film celebrating happy + healthy bellies. 🍏🍒🍇🍊🍉🍹  

Creative Direction: @lanashah // Art Direction: @drexy___spice (Moi)
Production: @imababich @amen_ta_that // Writer: @trialanderrorr
DP: @bennncareyyy // Sound Design: @_c_b_n_k_s_
Mix: // Post: @okaystudio 

02. Product Benefit Cuts

Ever wonder... what’s your gut got to do with it?

Created in collaboration with Copenhagen based 3D art and animation studio Wang & Söderström.
These gut inspired visualizations illuminate the inner workings of your gut and the important role it plays in your mood 🙃, immunity 💪, and skin 💖 

Product Benefit No. 1

Product Benefit No. 2

Product Benefit No. 3

03. Campaign Still Life Product Photo Series

Shot by the lovely @sergiybarchuk 📸 and @angelawitmore 🎨 featuring our new brand design for @healthade kombucha.

Creative Direction: @lanashah // Art Direction: @drexy___spice (Moi)
Photography: @sergiybarchuk // Prop styling: @angelawitmore
Production: @imababich @amen_ta_that // Post: @okaystudio

Featured in @thedieline*

04. Campaign Lifestyle Photo Series

Our gaze is gut level. We shot this lifestyle photo series from a distinct gut-first perspective, viewing the world through a belly-colored lens, where the gut takes the lead. Our version of a beauty shot is a belly shot.🤰✨

Creative Direction: @lanashah // Art Direction: @drexy___spice (Moi)
Shot by: @dritch + @kalebmarshall // Set: @machenmachen
Styling: @mindy_le_brock // Hair + MU: @_uncle__lee_,@danadelaney
Production: @imababich @amen_ta_that

Dream team: 🔥
Agency: @sister_global // Creative Direction @lanashah // Art Direction: @drexy___spice (Moi)
Design: @samdwood // Illustration: @steve_gavan // Writer: @trialanderrorr

05. BTS

🧠👀 A brief look behind the scenes. The process and making of some key campaign moments.


Health-Ade x SISTER Global 2020—2021